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Women’s Personal Retreats that Inspire the Soul

What if there was so much more to life than what you are currently living?

The Sacred You Final

These rejuvenating personal retreats are uniquely designed to counter overwhelm, confusion, and the feeling of disconnect from a life on autopilot. This training is designed to replenish the mind, body, and spirit with inner balance, skills in the control of personal energy and training to build intuitive clarity for greater ease in navigation throughout life.

In our daily lives, it can be hard to find a place for inner stillness, a place to connect with your heart and soul. Whatever your spiritual practices, there are times when you need to find uninterrupted space to reconnect with yourself so that you can discern your path, reevaluate your priorities and rejuvenate your body and mind. Welcome to an oasis for a woman’s retreat.


“We came away refreshed, renewed and subtly but powerfully changed.

My time with you and the women of the retreat — and my extraordinary experience with your supremely majestic and wise horses — was foundational in giving me a healing and deep look at myself.

Honestly, this retreat should be required for every woman who wakes up in her midlife and wonders where she went, and more importantly, where she is going with her one true life.

I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes:

‘Don’t go through life; grow through life.’ ― Eric Butterworth”

Suzanne Luckenbach

Women’s Retreats and Training Listed Below

Provence 2018

Over the years Barbara’s retreats have become a source of pure inspiration and personal transformation. This unique training with horses takes humans on an adventure in the co-creation of relationship... with life.
Learn tools to control personal energy, find inner balance, and the life skill to be fully present with an intuitive connection to others.

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Facilitator Training Mentorship

Through the skills taught in Equine Facilitated Learning, building a business couldn't be more fun! Learn how to facilitate personal growth and inspirational retreats that enrich the world, practice skills that embrace your life’s journey and create a deep sense of fulfillment both personally and professionally. 

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“I love hearing about the horses. This summer I have been getting to know my horse in a NEW way. I have always tried to be a good listener and thought I was pretty good at it, its so true that there is always room for improvement.LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to share that my paint, Mia, has always been a steadfast introvert.

When I first got her five years ago I thought she might be dull/shut down, she was sold to me as a horse that would do “anything” on the trail. She was a #1 on the bombproof scale. Just what I wanted!

So, since we first learned about the layers of energy (and non-verbal communication) with you at Epona Ridge, and I “respected” my horse enough to let her have her own opinion, it has changed everything for her.

I believe it is the first time she has been respected by a human in this way and so she can be free of her fear of not being heard.

She has a new enthusiasm for the trail walking swiftly instead of plodding with her head down. She looks around more and reacts to stimuli instead of being shut down to everything around her. She may be moving up on the bombproof scale, but she is being more authentic. Aaawwwww the heart, what a beautiful thing 🙂

From my heart to yours….”

Ellen Rotox

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