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All Inclusive Retreat in Provence, France!

May 7- May 13, 2017

(Excludes Transportation)

Provence with Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado!

A great opportunity awaits this May when Barbara Alexander returns to Provence with Magali Delgado and Frederic Pignon, originators of Cavallia and their newest internationally acclaimed show, EQI (see parts from EQI in the video below).

Over the years Barbara’s retreats with Frederic and Magali have become a source of pure inspiration and personal transformation. Their unique work with horses feels like you’re coming home to a secret place within your heart, one where you are sure to find the magic of a dream that’s about to come true.

The week long program evolves in the beautiful countryside of Provence with a combination of discovery at liberty with Frederic and his  horses, riding some of the most amazing stallions with Magali and experiential learning with a breed of horses that will capture your heart. Below you will find even more details about this wonderful program in May.


It was transformational for me!


"I went there to learn about the deeper aspects of horsemanship - but the training with Fred, Magali and Barbara offered so much more - it was transformational for me.  

I learned about inner balance and leadership, not only with my horses, but in life. The equine experiential sessions I did with Barbara were powerful pieces that were so helpful in my training with Frederic and Magali.  All of the sessions worked together perfectly and gave me so much more than I ever expected.

If you don't experience the magic of this threesome you are missing out on something really special.  So, if you are on the fence about attending, make this life changing investment in yourself and go! "


--Jen Rohlen, Atlanta, GA


"Frédéric and Magali exemplify the art of humane training and illustrate the magical results of what is meant by the human-animal bond. To watch them interact with their horses is breathtaking." —Karen Rosa, vice president, film & television unit, American Humane

"I believe Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado are two of the finest horsemen in the history of horsemanship. Their unique ability to relate to the hearts and minds of horses has inspired millions of horse lovers who have been awed by their performances in North America and Europe." —Linda Tellington-Jones, creator, Tellington TTouch

"Seeing Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado work their horses is a joy to behold . . . We all thank them for letting us, as an audience, get that glimpse of their world." —Tim Farley,

There’s Something For Everyone

Skills for Personal Balance and  Rejuvenation 
In May 2017, we will be welcoming a small group of women to a retreat that inspires the soul. This program is designed to incorporate tools and skills that improve personal balance, wellbeing and a deep heart connection to horses.

Experiential Learning that Inspires the Soul
After years of collaboration with Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado for interspecies leadership, Barbara Alexander has designed a truly unique retreat. People who’ve experienced this work say there’s nothing more authentic than the equine experiential pieces that are artfully woven throughout the week that improve personal balance and wellbeing.

Time For Rest and Rejuvenation
In a new land, the simplest of joys can be profound—and your life can take on a new quality because of the energy in which we come together. Learn how time stands still when you immerse yourself in personal balance and joy.

Interspecies Training for Greater Wellbeing
It is not necessary to have previous horse experience to benefit from interspecies training. The horses are innately skilled at meeting us exactly where we are, and if we are truly ready to learn, they will take us to the next level.

Skills For Transformation
The Delgado family breed have created some of the most beautiful, kind and talented horses in the world, and Frederic and Magali make this trip a dream come true. The depth and value of a week of one on one learning is priceless. Transformation happens as you are immersed in the authentic kindness and warmth that makes learning as easy and fun for humans as it is for horses.

Provence, France
The beautiful French countryside offers a different pace of life and a new meaning to personal balance.The experiential training with horses takes place at the family farm of Frederic Pignon, Magali Delgado and the Delgado family whose life work has been dedicated to horses. Frederic and Magali are best known in the US as the originators of Cavalia and now the Internationally acclaimed EQI.

Personal Attunement Calls from Barbara Alexander

Our Private Villa in Provence Awaits!

Our villa has become a destination in itself and is located in the heart of Provence. From here you can easily enjoy the villages of Avignon, Roussillon, Gordes, and Isle Sur La Sorgue where you will find wonderful markets and walk the cobblestone streets of quaint medieval villages.

Provence Program Dates and Tuition

May 7-13, 2017

$5,400 (Per Person/Double Occupancy)

Retreat Package Includes Meals, Lodging, Activities. Does Not Include Transportation


$5,900 (Private Accommodations)

Retreat Package Includes Meals, Lodging, Activities. Does Not Include Transportation


(Cancellation Policy: Cancellation up to 60 days prior to the event start date results in a credit of one-half the retreat tuition. There is no tuition credit for a cancellation 60 days or less before the event start date. A registration must be submitted in order to confirm space in the workshops. Transportation and meals, other than listed program above, are on your own.)