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Leadership and Life Choice

Women leaders are everywhere, we are teachers, health care professionals, parents, business leaders, entrepreneurs, caregivers… we are the women of today and we are in the process of learning to create a greater tomorrow.

From glass ceilings and work-life balance to navigating the field of office politics, the challenges continue for today’s women in leadership. As we take on greater responsibilities there is a growing need to develop skills to step into any environment with the confidence and clarity to move forward. These development programs have helped thousands of women find the keys to clarity in personal presence, inner balance, and most importantly the rejuvenation of spirit.

Leadership for Today’s Women

Develop a mastery of the 5 key leadership roles that are critical to the success of any team or business

Learn tools to access inner brilliance

Develop skills to navigate the world through clarity of purpose

Find the courage to create a life and career inspired with soul

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Women's Leadership and Personal Power Training

Leaders wear many hats; we are teachers, health care professionals, parents, business leaders, entrepreneurs, caregivers… In today's world we need inner balance and the ability to tap into the intuitive wisdom within if we are going to create a greater tomorrow.

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Women in Leadership –Teresa 

When individual concerns developed among my instructors, my staff and my programs, I became excellent at fixing, saving and repairing problems, but over time it became exhausting.

Through Barbara’s leadership training I’ve learned skills to use my own energy differently and found tools to nurture my teams through empowered accountability.

After a full year of integrating the strategies learned, my programs have become more cohesive and my teams are more adept at creating their own solutions.

The work I’ve done with Barbara and her extraordinary horses is completely genuine and true.

My professional life is more enjoyable and personally, I’m more joyful, more peaceful, and more authentic than ever.”

Teresa Reynolds, MA

Director, Professional Development, Technology Training & Creative Living , Sandhills Community College Pinehurst, NC

Leadership and Life News and Tips

Horses Teach Leadership Presence

Over the years I have seen business training programs come and go because it is virtually impossible to impart the intuitive skill necessary to embody leadership presence through books, traditional team building or motivational lectures. Nothing can replace the value...

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What You Think Matters!

Building Trust Isn’t Just Skin Deep We knew our thoughts matter – we just didn’t realize how much. Scientific studies discover more each day about the powerful impact of thought on the world around us. The effects of thought are felt outside...

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Do You Feel Inspired Or Is Your Brilliance Missing?

At first, everyone expects a work environment where you feel inspired, understand the goals and have minimal drama – but most of the time that’s not what you get. Do you think it naive to hold the vision of a company that feeds creativity, innovation and...

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