Skills Development for Women

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Women’s Leadership Workshop

In this powerful 2-day workshop Barbara Alexander shares compelling insights and practical tools that empower women leaders to create a greater tomorrow.

Leadership skills for women no longer fit in the outdated methods of dominance and control. This evolving role of leadership builds on the innate skills of empowered feminine leadership presence, finesse to create cohesive teams and the adept skills of personal energy modulation in order to sustain personal and professional success.

  • Overcome traditional barriers for women in leadership roles
  • Break the habits of negative momentum that wastes time among team members
  • Lead with greater agility in today’s fast paced world
  • Learn tools for personal balance that creates team coherence, trust and respect in volatile times
  • Advance interpersonal skills and learn how to lead through clear communication
  • Become more effective through development and modulation of personal power
  • Find freedom and ease in the art of living and working more authentically


Experiential Learning With Horses
Opens New Doors For Leadership Development

Horses have become the perfect teachers to train in advanced skills for leadership and life. Strengthening intuitive awareness and interpersonal energy becomes easier to understand when you have an opportunity to complete a task in an arena with a 1200 pound horse. Participants learn how to hear differently so they respond more effectively to critical-to-success information.


Day 1, Evening: 7:00 – 9:00
Day 2, Time: 9:30 – 5:00
Day 3, Time: 9:30 – 5:00

The Five Roles of Leadership

The five roles of leadership help break down 5 essential elements of success.  Barbara combines compelling and safe ground activities with horses to exercise the five roles while teaching participants how to take these skills back to human environments. No prior horse experience necessary.

  • Take the Five Roles Professional Leadership Assessment and learn how to interpret the results
  • Discover the benefits and challenges of each role
  • Learn innovative skills for handling conflict and for motivating and empowering others


Advanced Intuitive Intelligence Training

Great leaders of today are masters of intuitive intelligence. Through unique experiential training with horses, each participant learns how to interpret subtle non-verbal energy. This training provides skills to access a greater resource of information for critical-to-success decisions for both personal and business environments.

Personal Balance

Emotionally intelligent leaders have an unequaled ability to respond calmly, gather the needed information and act appropriately providing insight and guidance to the other members of their group. Leaders learn tools for appropriate and valuable support to create an environment of safety and greater productivity.

Interpersonal Energy Skills 

Learn how to effectively modulate personal power, set appropriate boundaries, and create an environment of trust and cohesion. This workshop offers innovative tools for executives, managers, and coaches, as well as people who work in non-profit, social service, political and community- based organizations. Equestrians will explore the advantages of employing this model with horses. Parents and teachers will discover the greater benefits of interpersonal skills in working with and caring for children of all ages

Leadership Presence

Leadership presence is an essential element of successful leadership. Authentically developed skills empower individuals with the ability to effectively lead in our ever changing environment.

Experiential training develops skills that close the gaps between you and excellence through innovative leadership.


Women in Leadership –Teresa 

When individual concerns developed among my instructors, my staff, and my programs, I became excellent at fixing, saving and repairing problems, but over time it became exhausting.

Through Barbara’s leadership training I’ve learned skills to use my own energy differently and found tools to nurture my teams through empowered accountability.

After a full year of integrating the strategies learned, my programs have become more cohesive and my teams are more adept at creating their own solutions.

The work I’ve done with Barbara and her extraordinary horses is completely genuine and true.

My professional life is more enjoyable and personally, I’m more joyful, more peaceful, and more authentic than ever.”

Teresa Reynolds, MA

Director, Professional Development, Technology Training & Creative Living , Sandhills Community College Pinehurst, NC

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